Old Tie Walls Need to Go!

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Has regular wear and tear coupled with the springtime rain got you wondering if your retaining wall has seen better days? Instead of automatically assuming you need to replace it or add another one, consider reaching out to Sonnenberg Landscaping. Our crews specialize in all things landscaping, and are outfitted with the leading equipment to get the job done the way you want it. For two decades, we have provided custom solutions for our customer’s landscaping problems, and we can do the same for you.

For retaining wall jobs, we take pride in using the highest quality materials, such as Anchor blocks. To Sonnenberg, a quality choice means considering aesthetics as well as durability, and this solution delivers on both fronts.

While we can provide turn-key services to install the solution that best meets your needs, we recognize that some of our adventurous clients may want to tackle their projects themselves.  Sonnenberg can equip you with all the landscaping supplies needed for the job. And our friendly and knowledgeable staff can work with you through each phase of the project to ensure complete satisfaction with the end result.   We even offer same-day delivery and have dump trucks and forklift trucks available to help with getting the materials to the job site.

To learn more, come visit us at either of our locations in Belleville or Columbia! Both will be open 7 days a week until the middle of June.