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Outdoor Lighting

Exterior Landscape Lighting Products & Installation Services

Sonnenberg Landscaping is an authorized Kichler Lighting Dealer offering their full line of state-of-the-art outdoor landscape lighting. Kichler is a home products company known for their award-winning craftsmanship, unparalleled quality and superior service. Sonnenberg can provide you with everything you need to install professional-grade outdoor lighting or we can expertly design and install it for you.

Professional landscape lighting can add beauty, style and character to your home. It can also make your house’s exterior safer by ensuring that you and your visitors have well lite stairs and walkways. Not only does exterior lighting make your house look beautiful at night, but a well lite exterior can even deter vandals.

From the latest Smart LED options to traditional incandescent lighting, Kichler’s complete landscaping collection can offer a solution to fit your individual needs. Leading the way is their Design Pro LED lights for virtually every outdoor application, including:

  • Decorative path and spread lighting
  • Low profile hardscape lights
  • Underwater/water feature lighting
  • Deck, patio and staircase lights
  • Accent lighting

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