Design & Installation Process

Initial appointment:

We will set up an appointment that works with your busy schedule to come to your site or residence and listen to your needs and wants, yes we listen to you! We will then get the associated necessary measurements for your project and begin the design process.

Design Completion:

Once the design is completed we will meet with you again to review the landscape design, materials and proposal and answer any questions you may have.

Sample Designs:


Upon signing the landscape installation contract, we will advise you of the current schedule and keep in close contact with you regarding the advancement of the production schedule.

Project initiation:

Upon initiation of you project, the entire project will be reviewed with one of our experienced landscape install foreman assigned to your project. Your wants and needs as well as project details and/or concerns will be reviewed and the project will be laid out either by staking and or paint.


During the installation/construction process the project designer and manager will make daily site visits to ensure your satisfaction and to ensure project efficiency.


Upon completion of the project the project manager and/or project foreman will complete a project walkthrough with you to ensure you satisfaction with the completed project.

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