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Spring is Here and It’s Landscaping Time

Spring Time is Here: What are You Waiting For?

As the weather finally takes a turn for the better, your landscaping may have taken a turn for the worse. Winter can be extremely tough on your landscaping. Luckily, we here at Sonnenberg Landscaping have put together a few simple tips to rejuvenate your outdoor space.

1. Is your landscaping in bad shape after the winter? What needs to be done to uplift it?

Even the best-looking landscaping can succumb to the harsh winters and frigid cold. Don’t try to rush your plants back by frantically over watering or over fertilizing shrubs. They will bounce back on their own if you just take normal care of them.

We offer 6 different kinds of mulches, over 25 decorative rocks, natural stone, boulders, pavers, retaining wall blocks, etc. to help uplift your yard and get it in spring time mode. You can do-it-yourself or have our professionals do it for you, either way you can’t go wrong by choosing Sonnenberg Landscaping. We can assist you in any way possible to help get your yard great again.


2. Assess if you just need to spruce your space up or need to redo it.

Many times your landscaping just needs a new coat of mulch or some more rock to get it back to looking its best. Sometimes it takes more than that. Your paver patio may look worn, and you may need to seal it to bring it back to life. Or your flagstone walkway has started to crumble in the gaps and you need something to make it new again. Luckily we offer many different treatments for pavers and gator dust for your gaps in flagstone.

If you did need to redo your landscaping completely our installation team can make it happen. They will work with you from start to finish and make your idea a reality.


3. How can I improve my landscaping without having to redo everything?

As stated above a top dress of mulch or rock can go a long way, but what if that’s still not enough? Try adding some boulders of various sizes to your landscaping or add a berm. If you add a berm make curved edges rather than straight (it gives off a much better look) and be sure to mix in various different kinds of plants including small trees.

For 24-hour curb appeal you may consider installing landscape lighting. It grabs people’s attention at night and makes for a great addition to your home. We offer a large variety of different kinds of lights provided by Kichler.

We hope this quick list helps you on your landscaping journey. Please feel free to stop into one of our stores and look around to get ideas. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have, we are always here to help.